Ashtanga Lanka

Testimonials from Ashtanga Lanka students...

I spent 3 weeks at Ashtanga Lanka. It was the healthiest time of my life.  After I felt much stronger, more balanced, and ready for life.
Matthias Walter
Ashtanga Lanka is community and everyone’s included. Whether you are just starting your yoga journey or you have a more advanced practice... you won’t want to leave.
Rachel Wilkinson
I am inspired by Jacob's committed, knowledgeable, focused, and compassionate teaching style and practice.   He has helped me stretch, literally and figuratively, in the best ways! 
Jack Moore
California, USA
We've spent many seasons at Ashtanga Lanka.  Jacob is a great teacher and his adjustments are the best we've had anywhere.
Ben Bradshaw
I love Jacob’s easy/natural way of teaching and personality.
Luma Zaki
Jacob creates a fantastic atmosphere for learning, relaxing, and having fun.
Tanja Rendsvig