Ashtanga Lanka

Jana Wettich

I discovered yoga and meditation almost 20 years ago, while travelling in Sri Lanka and India. For several years I had an on and off practice, struggling with consistency and in 2008 I decided to prioritise my spiritual path. Since then I have practiced, learned, lived and taught in various yoga schools, ashrams and meditation centers. The teachings of Sivananda and Krishnamarcharya have greatly influenced me and my way of practicing yoga.

After practicing for long years traditional Hatha Yoga, I turned to the Ashtanga Yoga Method, because I had developed a lot of flexibility but not enough strength, which led to constant back pain. Through Ashtanga Yoga I quickly recovered and am pain free ever since.

Since 2010 I have practiced Vipassana meditation, which brings me a deeper understanding of yoga, and through years of studying yoga and health, I have grasped many aspects of Ayurveda, which recommends yoga as a therapy and prevention method.

I try to integrate all the different aspects of Yoga in my life and in my teachings. Being a naturopath, I use my knowledge to heal holistically. Yoga therapy and sound healing are a big part of it.  My trainings in traditional Hatha-, Yin-, Prenatal-, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga therapy help me to understand myself and others on a deeper level.

I’m very grateful for my teachers. In Farzad Ahmadpour I found a motivating and compassionate guide and the opportunity to train with him took me to the depth of the method.  Practising with Lino Miele made me feel more comfortable in my body and breath and he made me laugh about myself and my fears. During my in-depth studies with Caroline Boulinguez and Annick Gouselain, I have found two goddesses leading me on this long path with such a divine subtility, that it makes me nothing but happy. I am deeply devoted to Anandamayi Ma, who connects to me on a profound level.

Off the yoga mat, I enjoy being in nature and engage in all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, climbing, acro etc. I love to play the ukulele and am having the best time taking a nap in a hammock.

I’m really looking forward to share all these Yoga teachings with you, to help you to develop in your own practice and to be the person you want to be. I’m sure we will have a great time on and off the mat!

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