Fly into Colombo International Airport.  Airport Code:  CMB

Before you leave home be sure to fill out the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) form.  It is possible to do on arrival but costs more and takes extra time.  For a link to the ETA form click:   HERE 

Transportation Options:

Taxi Pick-Up:  

We can arrange a taxi pick-up at the airport when you arrive.  It is $90 one-way if we arrange it ahead of time.  It take about 4 hours from the airport to Ashtanga Lanka.   The driver will have a sign with your name on it and greet you INSIDE the welcome hall.  This is the quickest and most simple option.

Public Buses:

You can use public buses to reach us.  Walk directly out of the airport and look for a bus station across the street.  Buses to Kandy stop here but you may not get a seat if the bus is full.  If you want to guarantee you have a seat go to the main bus station which is 1.5 km away in the town of Katunayake. Take a tuk-tuk from the airport terminal to this bus station (5 minutes away).  Buses to Kandy run from all day but not in the middle of the night.  

From the Katunayake bus exchange catch a DIRECT bus to Kandy.  It’s about a 3 hour trip.   Be sure you get the DIRECT bus and not a Local bus.  Once you are in Kandy you can take buses to Wategama and then Elkaduwa.

Train from Colombo:

Travel from the “Colombo Fort” station to “Kandy” station.  This is a link to the train website to get the most current information.

I suggest you make a reservation on either 2nd class revered or 1st class.  This way you have an assigned seat.  Otherwise you may end up standing the whole way.   

From Kandy you’ll need to hire a car, tuk-tuk, or bus.   If you tell us when you’re arriving on the train we can also arrange a pick up at the train station.  

We are near the small village of Elkaduwa and public buses are available from the Kandy bus stand to Elkaduwa.  You might need to go to Wategama first and then switch buses.

Things to Bring:

Yoga Mat, Warm layer for evening, walking shoes, bathing suit, sun hat, sun screeen, Headlamp or Torch.

Address:  Ashburnham Estate, Elkaduwa, Road B461, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Phone:   +94 0 6649 20206

If you get lost please call us.

To learn all about the Ashburnham Estate click HERE.

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