The following quotes are from Ashtanga Lanka students:

"I love Jacob’s easy/natural way of teaching and personality.”     ---Luma Zaki, U.K.

"I have know Jacob for over 10 years.  I am inspired by his committed, knowledgeable, focused, and compassionate teaching style and practice.   He has helped me stretch, literally and figuratively, in the best ways!"  

---Jack Moore, USA

"Jacob brings his gentle and benevolent presence to everything he does."     ---Mira El, USA

"I spent 3 weeks in Ashtanga Lanka last year. It was probably the healthiest times of my life.  Afterwards I felt much stronger, more balanced, and ready for life again.  The time since then has been the best of my entire life.

Jacob is an inspiration. I like the way he teaches and his view of the world. He was always friendly and balanced, helping people wherever he could."

---Matthias, Germany

"Jacob has a clear idea of what he wants to offer on his retreats and that’s community...what’s created at Ashtanga Lanka is family and everyone’s included. His approach to teaching offers everyone a wonderful opportunity to develop their practice and explore the deeper meaning of yoga.  Whether you are just starting your yoga journey or you are coming with a more advanced practice... you won’t want to leave."

---Rachel Wilkinson, U.K.

"Jacob is a great teacher.  He is patient, encouraging, supportive, and gives very helpful adjustments.  And he creates a fantastic atmosphere for learning, relaxing, and having fun.

---Tanja Rendsvig, Denmark

"My partner and I have spent many seasons with Jacob at Ashtanga Lanka.  Jacob is a great teacher and a lovely person.  His adjustments are the best we've had anywhere.   As well as Yoga, the AcroYoga can be great fun to try out."    

---Ben Bradshaw,  London, UK 

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