The following testimonials are from Ashtanga Lanka students:

"Jacob brings his gentle and benevolent presence to everything he does."     -- Mira El, USA


"My partner and I have spent many seasons with Jacob and Kathy at Ashtanga Lanka.  Jacob is a great teacher and a lovely person.  His adjustments are the best we've had anywhere.   As well as Yoga, the AcroYoga can be great fun to try out."     ----  Ben Bradshaw,  London, UK 


"i have know Jacob for over 8 years as a yoga instructor and have greatly enjoyed and benefitted in my Ashtanga and AcroYoga practice accordingly.  I have always been inspired by his committed, knowledgeable, focused and compassionate teaching style and practice.   He has helped me stretch, literally and figuratively, in the best ways!"

---Jack Moore, USA


"Jacob takes care of his students.  The atmosphere in the class is energized.   I also enjoyed our meditations and slack-lining together.   It was fun!"   ---  Ilona Lott,  Estonia