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Sri Lanka

Marco Polo’s impression of Sri Lanka was that “This is the finest island in all the world.”

Sri Lanka is a very diverse island.  You can discover Buddhist Temples, jungles, beaches, ancient ruins, mountains, lakes, tea plantations, animal preserves, and many other cultural and natural sites.  We can arrange individual and group outings directly from Ashtanga Lanka.  With so much to see and do, we recommend visiting these links:

Tourist Board web site at
Lonely Planet



The average temperature in the Kandy area for February is 25 degrees celsius.   February also traditionally has the least amount of rain compared to other months.  Nights can be cool so bring a warm layer with you. 


The main religions in Sri Lanka are:
Buddhism- 70%
Hinduism- 16%
Christianity- 7%
Islam- 7%



The currency in Sri Lanka is  the rupee. (Rs.)
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Time Zone

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