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How to find us in Sri Lanka?


Before you leave home be sure to fill out the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) form.  It is possible to do on arrival but costs more and takes extra time.  For a link to the ETA form click:   HERE 

We can arrange a taxi pick-up for you at the airport.  This is the quickest and most simple option to get here after a long international flight.  The cost is $PRICE one-way if we arrange it ahead of time.  It take about 3 hours door to door. The driver will have a sign board with your name  (or Ashtanga Lanka) and greet you INSIDE the welcome hall.  Please do not go outside if you don’t see the driver right away.   Keep looking around inside.   If you go outside it gets extremely difficult to find the driver.  

Sri Lankan Railways offers train service from Colombo down the south coast.  It can be a fun way to come down south but first you’ll need to go into the city center.  Catch a train at “Colombo Fort” and get off at   “Wewrukannala” or “Matara.”    There are more options going to Matara but it’s about a half hour further from us.  

From either station you can hire a tuk-tuk for the final journey.  (400 LKR from nearby, and maybe 1200 LKR from Matara).  

See this link to view the daily train schedule:

If you can purchase a 2nd class reserved or 1st class ticket you are guaranteed a seat.  Otherwise you may end up standing the whole way.   


You can use public buses to reach us.  This is by far the most affordable and in many ways adventurous.  The first place you need to get to is: “Kadawatha” bus station.  From there you can catch highway buses heading down the “Southern Expressway.”   Take a bus to Matara or Tangalle.   When you arrive hire a tuk-tuk or use a local bus to Hiriketiya and our home.

Find us on Google maps by looking up “Bhakthi Yoga Hiriketiya.”  You can email us as    Hiriketiya village, on the southern tip of Sri Lanka.
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