Ashtanga Lanka offers Mysore style Ashtanga classes in Sri Lanka.  We are open from December to March and please check our website for details.  Beginners are always welcome but we are not a drop-in center.  The minimum registration is one week and if you're new to the "Mysore" method we recommend at least two weeks.

At Ashtanga Lanka you will find a nourishing, supportive, and friendly atmosphere.  Morning practice, daily meditation, and afternoon clinics help support you on the Yoga journey.  Connecting with Yogis from around the world, sharing meals, and exploring the beauty of Sri Lanka helps make Ashtanga Lanka feel like a home away from home.  

We practice six mornings a week and look forward to sharing the yoga journey with you and helping you deepen your practice.

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Mysore classes resume in December 2020 and continue thru February 2021.

Special Guest Teacher:  Clayton Horton

December 27, 2020 to January 15, 2021

This year we are excited to welcome Clayton Horton to Ashtanga Lanka.  He will be teaching for three weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.  We will be on the south coast near many wonderful beaches and surf breaks!

To learn more about Clayton click HERE.

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Here is a time lapse video from an early morning practice in January 2020.


Photos from the past season at Sri Yoga Shala.


To learn more about Sri Yoga Shala click HERE.


This video was made in February 2018 at Rukgala:  


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