Rest, Recharge & Celebrate Life in Sri Lanka.

Ashtanga Lanka is a peaceful, nourishing, and supportive yoga retreat center in Sri Lanka.  Our small class size ensures you will get a lot of personal attention and help.   Retreats are all inclusive so you can let go of thinking and planning and release into the moment.  We offer morning Mysore classes, daily meditation, and afternoon clinics to help you refine and expand your practice.

Homemade Sri Lankan food, fresh fruit, friendly yogis, and a family atmosphere makes Ashtanga Lanka feel like your home away from home.  Regular practice combined with this healing environment allows your body, mind, and spirit to rest and recharge deeply.

Ashtanga Lanka will be open from mid-January 2018 to mid-March 2018.  Next winter we will be offering Mysore classes in three different locations.  The season will start with two weeks on the south coast near Matara.   Then we will move inland to the newly built Rukgala retreat center for 4 weeks.  We'll end the season with 2 weeks at the magnificent Ashburnham Estate.  Exact dates and details coming soon.

It is possible to join us at multiple locations and be part of the Ashtanga caravan traveling across Sri Lanka next winter.

Click HERE to see the Rukgala retreat website.

Click HERE to see a video of the Ashburnham Tea Estate.

The Ashburnham Tea Estate is a fully functioning tea plantation and lodging is in a beautifully restored villa.  You will be surrounded by expansive mountain views, waterfalls, hiking trails, magnificent sunsets, and warms rocks to lay on.

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Here are a few pictures from where we eat our meals and watch sunsets at the Ashburnham estate:

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